Rahul’s folly

April 11 2012

It is still not clear how the Congress spend two days in trying to make a summary of the Congress’ loss in the UP Assembly elections, and Rahul Gandhi and his party has still not been able to find a scapegoat for itself. With two days of mulling over it, the prince of the party has shifted his focus on Gujarat. Towards the end of this year in December, Assembly elections are about to take place in Gujarat and in the past few years, Narendra Modi has emerged as the biggest challenge to the Gandhi family. So Rahul team is already looking towards Gujarat, and is working on finding Modi’s administration and political mistakes. It is believed that depending on this, a big advertising agency in the country will create a blueprint for the Gujarat publicity campaign for the party. In the UP Mahabharat, Digvijay Singh emerged as the biggest driver for Rahul and maybe because of that Congress had to face such a dismal performance. Now Rahul is looking for someone in Gujarat on whose skills and trust he can again stake his political prowess. A name that is emerging from the mist here is that of Ahmed Patel about whom it is said that Rahul doesn’t like him. But politics makes strange bed partners.

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