Big dreams, bigger heart

March 07 2010

Rahul is the rising star of the Congress. Aware of the Congress traditions, he is adept in writing new chapters. So when he reached the Capital of a State recently and participated in the meeting of the youth Congress workers there, he was so impressed by a youth leader that he immediately made him an important offer `would he like to join his or Rahul’s team?’ This youth had just completed his studies from a big management institute and joined a new company. So hesitatingly, he turned down the offer to join Rahul’s team saying he was drawing a
salary of Rs 60,000. After thinking for a moment, Rahul said: `Okay, I will give you twice this amount or Rs 1.2 lakh per month, will you agree now?’ The youth gladly accepted the offer and now he is in Rahul’s team in which over a dozen an a half such people are already working, drawing a salary of over Rs 1 lakh per month. But when the dreams are big one should also keep ones heart big. And this once can learn from the Congress prince.

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