Rahul’s fitness mania

March 08 2011

Rahul is fanatic about fitness like his brother-in-law. There was a time when both would bet who would lose weight faster. Since Rahul was busy with political tours and Rahul was in Delhi and regular with his fitness regime, he won. But Rahul hasn’t given up. He was seen jogging near Hardoi’s police line at 8.45 in the evening. When he gets free from his party work in his constituency Amethi, he goes for a quick jog at even midnight in Munshiganj. The same happened in Kerala, but it was dark at night and the road was slightly bad. His right foot hit a hole and twisted. Then Rahul thought it was nothing major and even attended the Rail Budget in the Parliament. But when the swelling in the foot refused to subside and he got an X-ray done on the insistence of the doctor, they found it was a hairline fracture. Now he’s at home, resting.

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