Rahul’s Indira card

January 14 2012

To woo the forward castes of Uttar Pradesh, especially the Brahmins, Congress yuvraj Rahul Gandhi is now using the Indira card. Rahul knows that after the Kushwaha episode, the BJP has lost face, especially among the forward castes. No one knows what the Brahmin vote has decided yet, and they are being called floating votes, which can go to any side depending on the candidate and how the wind blows. This time when Rahul was campaigning in areas that had a majority of Brahmins, he stressed on the point that the BJP’s love for Kushwaha was only pretence to attract backward caste votes. Rahul reminded the people that he was the grandson of Indira Gandhi, the son of Rajiv Gandhi and had come to UP not only to win the elections but also because he has an emotional connection with the place. The Congress and Rahul know that they have no vote bank in UP, and so, at a time when the SP, BSP and the BJP was trying to woo the backward castes, Rahul is maintaining his focus on the forward castes. The ad agency taking care of the Congress’ election campaign has been told by Rahul to come up with a campaign keeping in mind this caste.

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