Congress? Not quite

June 28 2010

“The atmosphere today is so suffocating, that even the lamps that are lit ask, “When will the wind blow?”” The common man asking for relief while food inflation only increases – now the price of petroleum products has gone up. And while the Opposition Party BJP is too busy sorting its own house, the Congress seems to be take advantage of the people’s suffering. The ruling party is still hungover from the party for the 40th birthday of its king-to-be. And as it is, the successor to the party has never really liked celebrating occasions in India. So when Rahul Gandhi boarded the Virgin flight VA 301 on June 17, it was a planned vacation. His birthday party in London was attended by his mother Sonia and sister Priyanka with children in tow. Sonia arrived in London a day before Rahul’s birthday and left a day after the celebration. Priyanka stayed on for a week and Rahul is yet to return from this land of fantasy to the hard realities of India. Rahul is the shining star of the Congress party and the Congress-nourished India has a lot of hopes from him. Indeed, these paper boats of fantasy will serve him well in times of floods, which will result from the unwiped tears of the poor and downtrodden.

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