Raja, the terrible

December 20 2009

After this Budget session, a minor reshuffle can take place in the Congress central organisation. Dr. Manmohan Singh is most worried
because of the ministers from the DMK quota. In particular, A. Raja is giving troubles to the UPA Government. So the Prime Minister directly called up DMK chief Karunanidhi and requested him that he be allowed to drop A. Raja from the Cabinet. Manmohan Singh’s argument was that now the situation has deteriorated so much that now even the bureaucrats do not listen to the Minister and if the bureaucracy would not listen then how would the ministry run? The Prime Minister wants that instead of A. Raja either Karunanidhi should make his daughter Kanimozhi or his other MP son a minister. But the baba with dark glasses took only a second to make his authoritarian declaration that Raja would not go, if you want then you can shift him to a less important ministry. Now what option has the Prime Minister got apart from remaining silent.

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