Rajnath off to the US

July 14 2013

BJP President Rajnath Singh is trying to change his image. Ever since saffron leaders such as Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley are out of the race for the PM’s post, this Thakur from UP couldn’t have been happier. He has turned aggressive, hi-tech and is brimming with confidence. After an invitation from the US State Department, Rajnath Singh is off to the US on July 22. Ram Madhav of the Sangh has a biggest role to play in this journey of Singh. Ram Madhav has good relations with the US administration. In the past few days, Rajnath is travelling all over the country and is giving his candida opinion about national and international matters. So be it the Ishrat case or how the rupee has weakened against the dollar, you must have heard Rajnath’s opinions on the same. Now he wants to go to the US and broaden his horizons, so much that he can imbibe the US interests and ambitions as well.

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