Rajnath’s new team

February 06 2013

BJP’s new party President Rajnath Singh is already preparing to build a new team and the announcement of his new team may be made in March this year. Trouble may be brewing for J P Naddha and Dharmendra Pradhan. For Pradhan especially, the phrase “Jahan jahan pair parey santan ke…”seem to be doing the rounds. All that states that were handed over to Pradhan to take care of – Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Jharkhand – saw the party eating dust. The Sangh and Rajnath are already in talks about building a new team. The Sangh wants Rajnath to concentrate more on having party workers in his team rather than glamorous faces. For instance, the names of Murlidhar Rao, Varun Gandhi and Amit Shah are doing the rounds for the post of party secretary. Advani camp is pushing for Amit Shah’s name. But Rajnath Singh is not quite sure about Amit Shah’s name since his stay in Delhi could mean support to those against Gadkari. There are chances that he may be arrested, too. Justifiably, Rajnath is confused.

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