Rajnath is hurt

November 28 2009

But BJP refused to take Kalyan Singh into the party. Advani is himself stated to be of the opinion that Govind and Uma should be brought to the NDA as soon as possible and for this Uma has even written a letter. But in this entire episode the position of Shivraj Singh Chauhan is being weakened. Chauhan is saying that when in Madhya Pradesh the Government is running well then why disturb it? On the other hand, the outgoing president of BJP Rajnath Singh is not happy with the decisions pertaining to U.P. He is also said to be upset with the mauling BJP got in the recent bye elections in U.P. and now he wants to concentrate fully on the State. So, for these reasons, the homecoming of Uma into BJP has been delayed. Therefore Uma’s well wishers in BJP have advised her to get her regional party into the NDA and later when the situation improved then she could join the BJP.

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