A complacent Congress, an irked Mamta

April 25 2013

Did the Congress have a role to play in the hustling and jostling that was faced by Mamta Banerjee and her Finance Minister Amit Mitra by the SFI at Yojana Bhavan? Otherwise what was the reason the security officials at the venue did not pay heed to one demand by her Mamta? When Mamta’s car approached the main gate of Yojana Bhavan, there was a big group of SFI and CPI-members and they surrounded Mamta’s car. At that time, Mamta called an official in the venue from the car itself asking them to open the main gate so that she could go inside. But the security officials told her that she should use the other gate since the gate was locked and they didn’t have keys to the same. But Mamta didn’t agree to using that gate. Both Mamta and Amit were heckled and attempts were made to tear off Mamta’s blouse, while Amit’s kurta was torn. Both of them were also wounded and Mitra was immediately taken to AIIMS, where the doctors confirmed that he didn’t receive any internal injuries but he has suffered a heart attack before, and they wanted to be careful. Didi herself got admitted to a hospital in Kolkata for a check-up and Mamta said she wouldn’t be coming to Delhi as the place wasn’t safe anymore.

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