The end of the Raman era

December 27 2011

The BJP chief minister of Chhattisgarh Raman Singh, was until now, only being blamed for favouring his own. BJP President Nitin Gadkari conducted an opinion poll in Chhattisgarh and it is giving the party sleepless nights. The survey says that if elections take place in the current scenario, the BJP may see the verdict going against them. According to the survey, if the elections take place at present, the Congress may come out the winner with 55 seats. Under Raman Singh’s lead, the BJP will have to be content with 26 seats. In the popularity race, too, the saffron chief minister Raman Singh has slipped to the fourth position. Charandas Mahant stood first, then Vidyacharan Shukla, Ajit Jogi in the third place, and then Raman Singh. Is it time to write Raman’s farewell song?

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