Raghuvar’s war

May 26 2010

A corporate war like situation has emerged in BJP on who would be the Chief Minister of Jharkhand. In this entire matter, Raghuvar Das, who was carrying out the duty of Deputy Chief Minister in the Soren Government has emerged as the biggest player. He is being backed by the biggest industrial house in the country. Mukesh Ambani’s confidante and Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Naithani has left no stone unturned in creating an atmosphere in favour of Raghuvar Das. Das has also got the support of the Vaish community in BJP and this segment is being led by Ramlal. So much so that even the president and Ananth Kumar were inclined towards Das. But Rajnath Singh and party were
firmly backing Arjun Munda. Perhaps this is why, Rajnath’s entire effort was on getting the opinion of the MLAs. The Thakur leader knew that in Jharkhand, — of the — saffron legislators were in favour
of Munda and BJP’s alliance partner JD(U) was also openly favouring Munda.

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