DMK’s changing colours

February 27 2013

As Lok Sabha elections draw closer, the DMK is gearing up to cash in on the sympathy factor in Tamil Nadu. Ever since the news of Rajiv Gandhi’s killers getting capital punishment has gained ground, the opposition voices of the DMK have also increased their volume. And this is when India itself had given all strategic and intelligence knowledge to Sri Lanka when the LTTE was razed to the ground. It is worth mentioning that the DMK was in power in Tamil Nadu when that had happened. It is also worth mentioning that before the operation was carried out, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had gone to meet Nalini in prison and had clearly put the question before her, “Why did you do it and on whose bidding?” Nalini had then shared the entire details with her. And during the conversation, LTTE’s role in Rajiv Gandhi’s death came out clearly, and only then did India gave the green signal to bring down LTTE.

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