Why’s Yeddy hopping around

July 31 2011

The BJP is in shock and awe with Yeddyurappa’s revolutionary mood. He has threatened that he will form a regional party, and says he is the one responsible for the party’s win in Karnataka – he has increased the number of Assembly members from two to 122. Where BJP had a miniscule 0.4 per cent vote share in the state, he has brought it up to 35 per cent. He says that if the party insults him, the Lingayats in the state will take it as their own insult. That’s because in north Karnataka alone, there are 25-30 per cent voters are Lingayats. There are nearly 20 per cent Lingayats in the state, while 14.5 per cent are Vokalingas. Yeddy’s camp is considering the 78 Assembly members of the BJP as their own, because they have won only because of Yeddyurappa. He claims that he can manage another 22 Assembly members since in their areas, there are as many as 15,000-20,000 Lingayat voters. There are 22 such Assembly members from Bengaluru and coastal Karnataka who have won on their own, and who are under the influence of the Sangh and Anant Kumar.

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