Yeddyurappa’s dreams

July 31 2011

Karnataka’s Home Minister B S Acharya, who was once Yeddyurappa’s yes man has gone against him. There was a time when he was coaxing Yeddyurappa to revolt against the party because he felt that if Yeddy went, he could be next in line for the top post. But Yeddy has named Shobha and Sadanand as his successors and incidentally, both are Vokalingas. A few days ago, Yeddyurappa had placed his hand on Acharya’s shoulder and said, “If I make you the CM, both Lingayats and Vokalingas will be upset, who collectively make up 35 per cent of the votes. You are a Brahmin and they make for just three per cent of the votes.” Acharya wanted to know how that could be a problem since Ramakrishna Hegde was also a Brahmin. To this, Yeddy clarified that back then the Lingayats didn’t have a leader of their own, and considered Hegde their own leader. Actually, what Yeddyurappa wants is to get a stay order on the illegal mining case in the next three months and get back the chief minister’s post. He is planning his entire strategy around it.

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