Yechury’s Congress compulsions

August 07 2012

Marxist Communist Party Polit Bureau’s prominent member Sitaram Yechury is scared of Bangla and Malyali news channels nowadays. He scorns at these TV cameras and stays away from them. A Bengali news channel played up the four secret meetings that Yechury had with Madam Sonia at 10, Janpath in April-May. The news was played up to such an extent that not only the party members but even Opposition party leader Mamata Banerjee saw red and Yechury swore that he will never meet Madam so openly again. But something’s cooking and Yechury has to somehow get his messaged relayed across to 10, Janpath. So he has found another way out. If sources are to be believed, he now manages to do it during JPC meetings at the chairman’s chambers or in the Parliament’s Annexe through the Congress’ most clever strategist Ahmed Patel. But it doesn’t seem Didi doesn’t know of the goings-on. That’s because her sources keep a constant tab on Yechury.

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