The Yuvraj is angry

November 19 2011

The leaders who were allowed by the SPG to come till Rahul’s helipad included Rita Bahuguna, Jitin Prasad, Pramod Tiwari, Rajiv Shukla and RPN Shukla. From the other side of the barricade, a group of angry students from Allahabad University who were angry because they hadn’t been given the permission to form a union were showing black flags to Rahul Gandhi and shouting slogans against him. Of these boys, one managed to get out of the barricade and rushed towards the helipad. Before the police could get there, Jitin, Pramod Tiwari and RPN Singh were upon him and beating him. But Rahul wasn’t too happy with this. Later, Mulayam and Akhilesh clarified that he was not an SP worker. Which means SP wants to continue extending its hand to the Congress.

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