Why is the young brigade failing?

October 19 2010

Whatever happened to Rahul Gandhi’s dreams of Youngistan? The way his young brigade seems to be failing at every step is a matter of concern to Congress. Sonia wanted to handover Kashmir to Farukh, but Rahul didn’t budge and wanted Omar to be the one. Today, matters in Kashmir couldn’t have been worse. Look at Omar’s body language and talk and you will see how much they denote his mentality. During Ghulam Nabi’s tenure, there was a time when foreign tourists had started visiting Kashmir. Look at how delicate the situation there is today. How the young brigade has fared in the Parliament is there for all to see. Young ministers like Jitin Prasad are being suspected of grave corruption. The situation is such that recently, four of Youth Congress’ presidents in four states have been suspended. For ticket distribution in Bihar for the elections, Rahul’s young party members have created history in being pushy. One wonders how Rahul redress his errors now.

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