Modi vs Rajnath

March 05 2013

Modi from outside and opposition from within – that is how Rajnath Singh is treating the shining star of the BJP Narendra Modi. While Rajnath Singh is busy praising Modi at different party forums, he is also trying to shake the ground beneath Modi’s feet from within. Under Rajnath’s leadership, a group of prominent BJP leaders is trying to ensure that no matter what, Modi should not be projected as the prime ministerial candidate from the BJP. In order to appease Modi, there is discussion if Modi will be made to head the campaign committee from the party’s behalf. But if sources are to be believed, Modi is not happy with it. But what is the reason behind this changed perspective of Rajnath Singh? Sources reveal that an astrologer close to Rajnath has said that by 2014, Rajnath’s stars will align in his favour and defeating other party leaders like himself, he may just become the prime minister.

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