Modi turned down the president’s post

October 02 2011

Narendra Modi has turned down the Sangh’s suggestion that Modi should be the party president for the next elections because Gadkari’s tenure ends December 2012. So to give a new momentum to the party, the Sangh Parivar wants that Modi should be at the helm of things. Sources reveal that Modi turned down the offer saying that he has a lot of Constitutional rights being the CM because of which the Congress can’t do anything to harm him try as it may, and if he resigned from the position, the Congress wouldn’t let him breathe, and the everyday routine of courts and cases would start. Thus, Modi made it clear to the Sangh that if it did want to do something for Modi, it should try to make him the PM while he is the CM. The Sangh has agreed and maybe that is why Gadkari may get another term as the party president.

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