Modi, Jaya and Shashikala

February 28 2012

After all, why did Jayalalithaa and Shashikala’s such old friendship go sour and the relationship become tense? Sources reveal that initially, Modi had given a tip to Jayalalithaa that a close confidant and aide of hers was plotting a big conspiracy against her. Clearly, Modi was hinting at Shashikala. Modi had also warned his close friend Jayalalithaa that an attempt on her life was a distinct possibility. Jayalalithaa’s friendship with Modi goes back a long way, but she didn’t pay heed to his words in the beginning, but then one day when the penny dropped, she got Sashikala and her family’s phones tapped by an investigative agency and these phone tapping information revealed some secrets that shocked the Tamilian queen. And the countdown for Shashikala began.

  1. Luis Says:

    Your articles are for when it absolutely, positively, needs to be uenrdstood overnight.

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