Modi’s support from the awesome eight

October 06 2013

One of Delhi’s famous numerologists has predicted that Narendra Modi’s star is going to shine the greatest until June 2014. According to numerological studies, Modi’s number is eight, which is an indication of his career’s peak time. It is believed that the same numerologist had advised Modi in the past that he should add another name to his full name, which is why Modi started to write his father’s name along with his own name – Narendra Damodardas Modi. According to numerology, the word Modi carries the most weight in his name. On the other hand, the same person has also predicted that Advani may take ill in the next three months. And now that the announcement for Assembly elections in five states has been made, Delhi and Rajasthan will hold elections on December 4, some of the BJP members wanted to know if these dates have any relation to the BJP winning?

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