Modi’s promise to BJP: Rs 700 cr funds for 2014

July 21 2013

Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s prime ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi is not just good at wooing investors to his state, but also turning out to be the party’s trump card for generating funds.

Come to think of it, the marketing strategy entailing Modi fans to pay Rs 5 for listening to his speech during a Hyderabad function fades in comparison when one assesses Modi’s fund raising potential at a much larger scale. The BJP’s poster boy is believed to have promised a whopping Rs 700 crore for party’s kitty.
According to sources, Modi has promised BJP president Rajnath Singh that the party will get Rs 700 crore soon, so that it can effectively prepare for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
Sources told this reporter that the issue of “BJP’s dwindling corpus” figured prominently in discussion between Modi and Singh recently. Rajnath told Modi that the Central Headquarters party fund was left with just Rs 2.60 crore and this was peanuts for launching an effective campaign for the 2014 polls.

Rajnath has spoken to Modi about the receding party corpus in the past as well. But coming just before the announcement of Team Modi for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Modi’s assurance to Rajnath means that the party is in for winds of change when it comes to managing finances.
The massive amount that Modi has promised will be required for election management and campaigning. No wonder an elaborate Team Modi to steer the campaign was announced just two days ago.
Without these finances, Team Modi will remain ineffective, perhaps be restricted to an entity on paper. Team Modi comprises 20 committees and 34 sub-committees – mandated with different tasks like campaigning, party manifesto, vision document, media management, election management, etc.

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