Modi’s friend Marandi

November 05 2013

Narendra Modi is constantly trying to find new partners for NDA. Modi is trying to appease long-time friend Babulal Marandi. Modi has given the responsibility to an industrialist from Vasant Vihar Mahesh Bhagchand (who is known to give expensive gifts to political leaders) to get Marandi into the BJP fold. It is worth mentioning here that this industrialist also has close relations with Marandi. But after several rounds of talks, Marandi called up Modi and told him that he isn’t ready to join the BJP as yet. That is because his newly-formed party Jharkhand Vikas Morcha is emerging as the only strong alternative to Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. State’s Christian and Santhal voters are joining the party in large numbers. The main point is he can’t trust the BJP President Rajnath Singh at all because he can go to any extent to encourage his protégé Arjun Munda. And he had left the party because of Rajnath Singh and today the BJP’s reins are in his hands. No wonder he doesn’t even want to look at the BJP, although he may be open to post-poll alliance.

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