Modi’s Ahmad Patel

December 05 2013

BJP vice-president Mukhtar  Abbas Naqvi’s new political avatar has shocked those from this party and those who are in opposition of the party. After the recent sunrise of Narendra Modi’s career within the party, Naqvi’s stature in the party has increased. He is being called NaMo’s ears, eyes and nose in Delhi. He is not only a part of NaMo’s kitchen cabinet, he also gives frequent updates to him from Delhi. People from the party were surprised when on the occasion of Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary, Modi invited only two people from Delhi for the unveiling of Patel’s statue – Advani and Naqvi. A national Indian daily took advantage of the incident and called Naqvi Modi’s Ahmad Patel. It was Naqvi who brought in Modi’s ambitious “Vision document for empowerment of minorities” to attract the country’s minority communities. He is not only heading Modi’s war room but is also making his opinion on things known to prominent party leaders. No wonder Naqvi’s a hit.

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