Modi’s coming to Mumbai

May 21 2012

The opposition to giving Nitin Gadkari a second term has started. And those fanning the opposition fire are a few prominent party leaders and the second-line leaders from the Advani camp. Leaders such as Yashwant Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha have even threatened that if the Sangh continues to push a second tenure for Gadkari, they will boycott the National Working Committee meeting of the party, which is slated to be held on May 24-25. Narendra Modi is all set to come for the first session of the meeting but some of the party leaders are trying to tell him that his being a part of the meeting will only give further boost to Gadkari’s cause. Sensing Gadkari’s second tenure, the media has also suddenly started to plant stories against him. This entire story is an on the record presentation of what was off the record.

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