Modi’s fears

August 22 2010

After the IPL finished, its banished Commissioner Lalit Modi took a flight to London on the very fourth day. His lawyer have made him so scared about the return to India like there’s a “red corner notice” of sorts against him and he will be seized from an airport the moment he steps on Indian soil. So Modi is going in all corners of the world, wandering around Europe. Alongside, he’s trying to find a solution for the allegations of bribing the South African Cricket Board with Rs 3 crore and is consulting with lawyers who specialize in FERA cases. But he gets the shivers everytime coming back home in mentioned. But it is heard that since he read that Vasundhara-led has defeated the Congress party in the municipal elections, he thinking of it all over again. So will Modi be able to step on Indian soil in the near future?

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