A preening Modi’s praise

January 15 2013

“Vibrant Gujarat”didn’t get the desired results for Narendra Modi. While Ratan Tata, Ambani brothers and Adani sang paeans to Modi, most other industrialists limited Modi and his charisma to Gujarat. But of those who gave new wings to his overriding ambitions, Gautam Adani was foremost. Anil Ambani also gave words to Modi’s dormant desires. Referring to Makar Sankranti, Gautam Adani said how Gujarat was set to celebrate the day when the wings changed from the south to north. Somewhere, Adani was referring to how Modi winds will also blow towards north, that is, Delhi. Konstantin Markelov, chairman of the regional government of Astrakhan, a province in Russia, even went to length of directly congratulating Modi for winning the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in advance.

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