Madam Jagan in Delhi

June 29 2013

Because Jagan’s mother is not very comfortable with Hindi and English, Jagan has decided that he will play up the role of his wife Bharti Reddy in Delhi’s politics, who also had a good grasp on Hindi and English apart from Telugu. A few days ago Bharti was in Delhi with her two daughters and stayed in Jagan’s official residence at Lodhi Road in Delhi. The owner of the known PR company in Delhi, whose services Jagan has used in the recent past, is said to be close to 10, Janpath and the irony is that this PR master couple does not get along well with Digvijay. So they also prefer that in the Jagan connection, Sonia has more say than Rahul. Jagan has also decided that his wife will be spending the next two-three months in Delhi, try to create better contacts with the media and explore new opportunities for Jagan’s party at the Centre.

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