Maneka’s animal love

January 03 2011

While her elder sister-in-law sits on the top of the political hierarchy in India and runs the government on her fingertips while sitting in Delhi and is unaware of those people who live on the other side of the spectrum, contrast it with Maneka Gandhi and her obsession with love for animals. When a few days ago she found out that the 33 dogs on whom pharma major Ranbaxy had run some tests were in a bad state, she called the top management of the company and told them that since they had done whatever harm they could to the dogs and since they were of no importance to the company, will they kindly send them to Maneka’s organization so that they could be taken care of? The company told her to get a government permit for the same. Maneka spoke to the environment ministry for the same and the government set up a committee for the same. The committee sent a performa to the company asking them for the details of these dogs – their breed, colour, size, pedigree and so on. All in all, the case was getting lost in bureaucracy and Maneka’s patience level was wearing thin. So she called a joint secretary of the ministry asking for a probably date for the release of these dogs. The secretary said that the order could not be given since he was not well and the company hadn’t sent the details of the dogs. At this, Maneka’s patience snapped and she asked, “Are the dogs getting married that you want the entire horoscope of theirs?” Taken aback by the reaction, the secretary sanctioned the dogs’ release orders and it is possible that by the time we ushered into the New Year, the dogs are already in Maneka’s animal hospital.

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