Difficult hour for Gadkari

November 21 2009

The entire Sangh appears determined to have Nitin Gadkari as the next president of BJP. But who is Gadkari? What is the Sangh seeing in him? Sangh’s vision is clear, now it wants to keep the reins of BJP firmly in its hands. Even in Rajnath’s rule, the reins of BJP are in the hands of Sanghis, but every now and then the Sangh has had to face difficulties due to Rajnath’s loose policies. Sangh has made a mistake once and it does not want to repeat it. After creating a personality like Atal Bihari Vajpayee the Sangh had appeared like a pygmy before him. Gadkari is that dainty daughter of the Sangh who has seldom stepped out of the house. Probably, he has not even seen states like U.P., Jharkhand and Bihar properly. It is this quality of Gadkari that appealed to the Sangh. When a daughter feels shy in stepping out of the house, she remains within the ambit of ethics and morality. Is this how BJP’s conduct, character and face would change!

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