Mulayam’s intentions

October 23 2013

Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party is playing a game of extreme communal polarisation for the coming 2014 Lok Sabha elections. And what a strange coincidence it is that the state government tried to raise a fire from the embers of the Muzaffarnagar riots by releasing the statistics that are against the very rules of humanity. The government statistics state how many Hindus died in the riots and how many of them were Muslims. When the SP government came under fire because of this, Mulayam tried to defend Akhilesh government saying that the data was revealed at the administration level, and that he has no knowledge about this. The same way, arresting the sadhus and sannyasis during a VHP march and arresting BJP politicians and throwing them in jail is part of the same strategy.

  1. gaurang Says:

    On every article which you post please give the date & time. Date and time is present on the front page. But when we go to read the article in detail. There is no date/time when the article was uploaded. Please add date/time & it will be of some help to lot of readers.

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