Miffed with Mumbai

November 07 2010

Held between December 15-20, Congress’ Planning Session’s venue might be changed. According to earlier plans, it was supposed to be held in Maharashtra but now the organizing committee is looking at some other place for the session and may be held in Delhi or Jaipur. During this session, the Congress is going to flag off several new programmes to mark the party’s completion of 125 years. It is believed that 10 Janpath is angry with Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan. A sting operation has alleged that the state party president had collected Rs 2 crore for Sonia’s Maharashtra rally by illegal means and the chief minister may have returned all the flats in the Adarsh Nagar Housing Society that were in his relatives’ names, but the matter hasn’t died down. He may have a great relationship with Maharashtra’s powerful leader Sharad Pawar, but there’s a war of sorts between the Pawar and central party leadership, too. In such a scenario, Sonia doesn’t think Maharashtra is the ideal place for a meeting. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Chavan has been ordered to come to Delhi in a hurry.

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