The officers go wayward

March 22 2011

Jharkhand’s Arjun Munda is tired of the bureaucracy in the state. The state’s Human Resource Development Minister Baijnath Ram just doesn’t seem to be getting along with his secretary Mridula Sinha, since she seems to be spending more time in US with her husband than in Ranchi. Farm Minister Satyanand Jha also can’t see eye to eye with his secretary Arun Singh since there are cases registered against him on everything from potatoes to tourism. The state’s Tourism Minister Vimla Pradhan isn’t happy with her secretary A P Singh and Tourism Director Siddharth Tripathi. The director of RCH Aradhana Patnaik doesn’t send any file to Health Minister Hemnath Murmu. Minorities Development Minister Hussain Ansari isn’t getting along with his secretary Arun Singh and Raja Peter who has an image of a criminal doesn’t even get to meet his secretary. It may be noted that all these ministers have, time and again, pleaded with the chief minister for a change of people on these posts, but Munda sits twiddling his thumbs as usual. But what are you really waiting for, Mr Munda?

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