Mistry’s management

July 14 2013

UP’s Congress In-Charge Madhusudan Mistry is one of Rahul Gandhi’s favourite. Rahul is a big believer in his election management. In 2009, Mistry had givens tips and shared secret mantras with Congress candidates from all over India and also taught them how to win an election. But he himself lost the election in the 2009 election from Gujarat. But that didn’t come in the way of Rahul’s confidence in his administration skills and he kept advancing in the Congress party. When Mistry managed to clinch a win for his party in the Karnataka Assembly elections, the responsibility of UP was taken away from Diggya Raja and given to him. But he has had to struggle to understand the caste politics in the state. He is also having to struggle trying to understand rural UP people and the local Congress leaders are taken aback with his strange looks. A lot of people find him resembling Albert Einstein, while some call him a tribal. In a place such as UP, where the language changes every two km, Mistry is struggling to communicate with the local workers. He has let this problem be known to Rahul, too.

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