Sonia did not meet Mallya

February 28 2012

Expecting victory at every turn and bend in life’s journey, the roads for Vijay Mallya have never been this bumpy. For the past several days, Mallya is trying to meet UPA President Sonia Gandhi, but 10, Janpath, has not given him the time to meet her. Sources reveal that Mallya’s colourful life has never gone down well with the Gandhi family, especially Sonia and Priyanka. So, when Mallya was trying to ask the government for a special package for Kingfisher Airlines, the government turned him down directly. Now Mallya wants to turn all his debts into long-term loans and also wants that all his company accounts that have been frozen should defreeze. It seems this demand of his will be met, but the rest of his demands are on the back burner

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