The Myanmar menace

July 11 2010

Myanmar’s military junta counsel head arrives in India on July 24. His travel expenses are being born by the Indian government. We have some extremely confidential deals with Myanmar and the most important being that Myanmar will not give any sort of land on the Indo-Burma border for any Maoist or anti-India activity. In return, India helps Myanmar abundantly, so much so that the Myanmar Embassy’s expenses are also borne by the Indian government. India is also providing free IT training to Myanmar students. From a military strategy point of view, India’s priority is to make sure that the Chinese influence is negated in Myanmar. In return, Myanmar wants the Indian government and the media not to ask any questions about the house arrest and imprisonment of Aung San Su Kyi. And we are actually keeping quiet about it and have our eyes shut. But it’s time for Myanmar to open its eye lids.

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