Manmohan refuses to learn

May 07 2013

Last time, too, after a curt remark by the court to the CBI, the Ahmad Patel, who is considered Congress’s Chanakya and is the political advisor to Sonia Gandhi, hurriedly went to Manmohan Singh carrying a message from Sonia Gandhi. He let his feelings be known to the prime minister and said that Law Minister Ashwani Kumar should resign with immediate effect. But everyone knows how dear the prominent member of the “Chandigarh Club” Ashwani Kumar is to the prime minister. Thus, the prime minister promptly retorted that the court’s observation is towards the CBI and not the law minister. Then where is the case for the law minister resigning. Patel was left speechless – had the prime minister ever waxed opine about the relevance and irrelevance of matters?

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