The games of the mining lobby

October 19 2010

It cost Yedurappa dearly to lock horns with the strong mining lobby in the state. This lobby then decided to do all it can to topple the government. Yedurappa had put a stop to the exporting iron ore in a significant order. This made Baltoda and Modi piqued with the Reddy brothers. The mining lobby had then decided to topple the government and, in its place, bring Congress-supported government of JD(S)’s Kumaraswamy. These industrialists also have iron ore mines in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Jharkhand which reaps them rich benefits. That may be the reason Rs 320 crore were allegedly spent on buying and selling 32 MPs. The political world may not have gained any brownie points with the common man but it surely has soared their prices sky-high.

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