Manmohan would go, Rahul would come

January 03 2010

Congress prince Rahul Gandhi has as a new year resolution agreed to hold the reins of the nation. Even Sonia Gandhi is in her private
talks not denying that Rahul has matured politically and if everything went as per plan then after next year’s Budget, Rahul could occupy the post of Prime Minister or in 2010 he would be the one to hoist the National Flag from the ramparts of Red Fort. The proposal for this change of guard has come from Manmohan Singh himself, in his recent meeting with Sonia he made it clear that so much of running around is not suiting him after his second bypass surgery. Therefore he now wants to bid adieu to active politics and take rest. In other words,he too like several other senior leaders of yore would sacrifice all his political ambitions at the altar of a piping hot roti coming off a pan and a bowl of hot pulses and restrict his work to some limited household chores. Will this be the remaining story of Manmohan Singh’s life? And as for Sonia Gandhi, like a seasoned magician of Indian politics she could still retain her magic; something she knows real well and is apt at. For years she has been putting her magical handkerchief in the pocket of politics and has been bring out alive and fluttering pigeon, who has always yearned to live up to her political ambitions.

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