Cabinet reshuffle likely in mid-July

July 03 2011

During my foreign stay for more than a fortnight, there was a constant curiosity as to why Manmohan Singh’s Cabinet wasn’t being expanded? Right after I returned to India, I got an SMS about how when Manmohan Singh went to a dentist complaining of a toothache, the dentist remarked, “No matter what, you will have to open your mouth here.” After being asked several times by the journalists, the prime minister gave no clear answer on when the Cabinet reshuffle will take place. He has also met the President, who will end her foreign tour by 8th of this month and speculation is rife that the Manmohan Singh Cabinet reshuffle will happen between July 9-15. The list is also ready – of who will be promoted, who ousted and who will be newly included into the Cabinet. Sonia has already given a green signal to the same.

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