Why amangal for Mangalam?

October 23 2013

The corporate world is shocked because of the way the CBI has filed an FIR against Kumar mangalam Birla in the Coalgate matter. And in a way, a few voices against the Congress are raising their voices. Its first effect is being seen on the election donations; the corporate world is spending money for the BJP with both hands, but is clenching its fists tight when it comes to the Congress. Kumarmangalam Birla has 35 per cent shares in a media company. Kumarmangalam’s son has come back from New York armed with a media management degree and his aim is to become a media baron. Keeping his son’s wishes in mind. Kumarmangalam was about to give him 51 per cent shares of this media company so that he could control the company. For a while now, this media group’s three channels and a multi-language news magazine has been taking an anti-government and anti-Congress stance. Once in a while, the news anchors would directly attack the Congress crown-prince Rahul Gandhi, too, and this was just not going down well with the Congress. Sources reveal that several warning were issued to Kumarmangalam from the Congress so that his channel mends its ways, but Kumarmangalam washed his hands off the affair saying he did not control the media group at present. Thus, the Congress and the UPA government started to feel that Kumar, too, has an anti-Congress and pro-Modi take and a political strategy was drawn to teach him a lesson. Setting Kumarmangalam as an example, the Congress wants to pass on the message to another top industrialist who has a big share in several media groups that he get over his Modi love while there’s still time, or he could face the same fate as Kumarmangalam.

  1. Vikram Iyengar Says:

    Stupid theory.

    KM Birla’s children’s ages are: Ananyashree, 18, Aryaman Vikram, 14, and Advaitesha, 9.

    Right wing idiots should do basic level verification before posting and believing inane conspiracy theories. You guys are so easy to fool, and you people want your God to rule the country next year. God help the nation

  2. Vikram Iyengar Says:

    In case right-wingers don’t understand the gist of my earlier comment (given some obvious deficiencies in gray matter): Birla’s son is 14. I guess in the conspiracy obsessed right-wing mind, 14 year olds can also become media barons and control the strings of some of India’s largest media houses.

    But then again, does it matter. All you guys need is some vague, slanderous allegation against Madam & Prince, and your gullbile readers and followers will start posting on FB and retweeting. As someone once said: A lie needs to be repeated a number of times, until it becomes the accepted truth. This behaviour is fitting of Goebbels. Fitting given the similarities between Goebbel’s boss (Hitler, my stupid right wing fellow citizens), and your big boss – Mr. Adolphendra Moditler.

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