Unholy nexus on Holi

March 07 2010

Holi is all around. The public in this country is simple. It is for without any reason that it cries, `price hike, price hike’. Even when it known full well that whenever Congress comes, it brings with it higher prices. The sister with the big bindi kept shouting in the Parliament that there is a big scam in sugar; such a big scandal in front of the Queen. But there is something because of which the Government does not awaken. And why should it? Sharad Pawar is a known sugar king. Let alone the cooperatives, in Maharashtra itself he has 7 sugar mills. His nephew Ajit Pawar has also recently set up his own sugar mill. Apra Saheb’s son has also started a sugar mill. You would
be surprised to know that the president of Maharashtra Sugar Mills Owners Association is none else but Maharashtra Minister from NCP quota Mohit Patil. Even Chief Minister Ashok Chavan owns several sugar mills. So those out to milk the masses did so all this while. We started a fire, but got only ash in our hands. Why curse Sharad bhau, he is only a businessman first and a Cabinet Minister later.

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