Bhutan’s new beginning

October 16 2011

King of Bhutan didn’t invite any head of state or prime minister for his wedding. India has a special place for him, but despite that he didn’t think it necessary to invite Congress Rajmata Sonia Gandhi. He sent a personal invite to Rahul Gandhi and Dushyant Singh (Vasundhara’s son). Bhutan is a country that shares border with China, and naturally, the US is also interested in it. Because Bhutan’s royal family has had good relations with those of the UK, Norway and Denmark, the US has been constantly trying to get an entry into Bhutan, and if now directly, then through the UK or Norway. Obviously, it wants to operate through Bhutan to keep an eye on China. But due to strategic reasons, India does not want the Western powers to have a lot of leverage in Bhutan, because the most active US becomes in Bhutan, as a reaction, China will become more aggressive towards India. And America’s policy has always been to fight battles in other lands, and India does not want that the same should be repeated in Bhutan.

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