How did India get these 792 names?

November 27 2011

The new one is about Geneva’s HSBC Bank. The stolen list with the names of account holders had names of 50,000 names. The list got stolen and first reached Israel, where they took down the names of the Jews and then refused to buy the list. The person with the list was also bullied that if he made too much noise, he may even be imprisoned. The person ran to France from there, where he struck a deal with the French government. The list doesn’t have the name of the person, nor does it contain the contact information about the account holders, it merely has the passport numbers of the people. When the French government sifted through the list, it brought out the names of 792 Indians through their passport numbers. The French government handed over the list to India, which was the biggest revelation so far or black money hoarded on foreign shores.

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