The BJP’s woman’s brigade leading the campaign

December 01 2013

The Delhi Assembly elections have become really interesting now. In 2008 Assembly elections in the capital, the Congress left the BJP behind with 21 per cent more votes than the BJP; it got 54.16 per cent votes while the BJP got 41 per cent votes. But this time, both the BJP and the AAP party are trying to eat into the Congress’ share. The incumbency factor is so great that the Congress and the BJP’s elected Assembly members are finding it tough to save their seats. In such a scenario, BJP’s woman candidates are far more confident. For instance, in Malviya Nagar, BJP’s former mayor Aarti Mehra is giving stiff competition to Congress Minister Kinar Walia. While the BJP’s Purnima Vidyarthi is seeing tough times ahead, former mayor Rajni Abbi seems to be ahead in the race. BJP Delhi’s Secretary Shikha Rai is going to contest elections for the first time from Kasturba Nagar, but she is all ready for the big fight with Congress’ Neerja Basoya. Both Basoya and AAP’s Madanlal are from the Gujjar community. In such a scenario, Shikha might just win this one with support from Punjabi, Sikh and votes from Purvanchal.

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