Threat within the BJP

April 11 2012

Thanks to internal fighting within the party, the BJP failed to form its government in Uttarakhand. During the Uttarakhand trouble, there was a secret meeting in a bungalow at Bengali Market, amongst Nitin Gadkari, this BJP leader and Harish Rawat. But this BJP leader leaked the contents of the meeting to his Congress friend Ahmed Patel. At that time, there was news that Harish Rawat will get the support of 23 Congress members. The minute Ahmed Patel found out, the Congress’ damage control became more urgent and in a hurry, the Congress managers lured and courted Rawat saying he will be given special treatment during the forming of the government. This five supporting Assembly members will be made ministers, but neither did Harak Singh became the deputy chief minister and neither did Rawat supporters gets any plum posts. So, Rawat continues to stay miffed. It remains to be seen if the BJP can make the most of this opportunity.

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