Lalu love from the BJP people

November 05 2013

The BJP has got a new ally in the form of Lalu Yadav who is languishing in the Ranchi prison. The news is that if people like Maulana Mulayam can match step with that of the BJP, why will Lalu have any qualms about talking to the saffron party? This is the reason no less than 400-500 people come to meet Lalu everyday and a majority of them are BJP members. The jail manual may as well be locked up – Lalu’s political darbar is a sight to see in prison. Prominent BJP members such as Shatrughn Sinha and Saryu Rai are coming out and supporting Lalu and giving bytes about it. Jharkhand’s senior BJP leader Saryu Rai, who once couldn’t see eye-to-eye with Lalu and would criticise him at every given chance, is now writing articles for magazines and newspapers in praise of an in support of Lalu. With Lalu’s lantern see saffron just yet?

  1. sudeep singla Says:

    Bjp and lalu alliance can give lufe line to both

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