Saffron Gandhi sparkles

April 26 2010

BJP’s young leader and Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi did cast a spell with his maiden speech in Parliament. When on Thursday, Varun raised the issue of the martyrdom of the 76 CRPF men killed in Dantewada, he got so emotional while making a mention of the insensitivity of the Central and State Governments, that even Advani was unable to prevent himself from crying in the Lok Sabha. Varun’s aunt Sonia Gandhi also became remorseful for some time. After Varun completed his speech in Lok Sabha, Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj may have been the first to pat his back, but even Congress and Communist MPs came forward to congratulate him. In Dantewada, 47 personnel from UP alone had been killed. When Varun reached Panchta village to meet their family members, the three-year-old son of a slain soldier climbed on to him and the first thing he asked was when his father would return? Varun
raised the question in the House that `why have we become so insensitive towards the sacrifices of our martyrs that even their death has become only a statistic for us?’ Varun also asked if this is what our democracy was where the State Governments have unlimited money and unaccounted funds for making the statues of living leaders and their hand bags, but when it comes to making memorials for the
martyr sons, the coffers turn empty.

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