Why did Bhawari disappear?

November 06 2011

The CBI still hasn’t got a solid lead about Bhanwari Devi but sources reveal that she was in constant touch with Maderana for the past five years and they became close. Maderana had assured Bhanvari that he will surely make her a minister or a member of the Assembly. Bhanwari’s political ambitions knew no bounds and when Maderana could not do anything for her, it is said that she hid a video camera in a window AC and got a CD of hers made with him. She then went to the biggest political leader of the BJP in Rajasthan and told her that if Rs 2 crore were paid, Gehlot’s government could fall. The BJP leader saw the CD and said that Maderana was not such a big player that his crime, if proved, could fall the government. If the matter came to light, he would simply be told to leave the government. . When Maderana came to know about the CD, he asked Bhanwari for the same. It is said that Maderana was angry with Bhanvari, who said that for others the price was Rs 2 crore, but for him, it would be nothing less than Rs 5 crore. And thus Bhanwari disappeared, never to be found again.

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